Our Story​
Hooker Oak Distillery started as a shared dream of two longtime friends.  After many years of planning, perfecting our recipes, and bringing a dilapidated building back to life, this dream became a reality.

We are both General Contractors that take pride in quality craftsmanship. We carry over this pride in craftsmanship in the spirits that we produce. All of our spirits are made by hand in Chico, Ca.

Our distillery is a 3045 sq. ft building that was built in the 1940's and ready to be torn down when we found it. After many discussions with the building owners we came to terms that we could all agree upon and started bringing the building back to life. The rebuilding process started in January of 2015. We spent every weekend and any other spare time we had working on the building. In September of 2016 we finished the remodel. On September 26th 2016 we received our DSP permit from the TTB. ( The TTB is the entity of the federal government that oversees wineries, breweries and distilleries.)

The path that we have traveled to make our dream a reality has been a long and arduous one. However we have had many supporters along the way and will forever be grateful for each and every one of them.
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