Handcrafted in Chico, CA

Each bottle of rum is gently rested to perfection or combined with all natural flavor products to achieve a full flavored, quality spirit that truly reflects the flavor stated on the bottle.
Apple Pie Rum​​
Our Apple Pie flavored rum is rich and smooth.  With robust flavors of apple, molasses and spices it is excellent sipped neat, on the rocks or used as a mixer.  
Pineapple Rum
Our Pineapple flavored rum is loaded with Pineapple.  This is a smooth spirit that finshes with a lasting pineapple flavor.  Our Pineapple rum is excellent in shots, served on the rocks and is an excellent mixer for most any tropical cocktail.
Our Rum is a smooth light rum that is excellent for making your favorite rum cocktail.  We only use the hearts portion of the distillation run.  We then proof the Rum close to label proof and age it in a used French Oak wine barrel.  The attention to detail and processes that we employ provides a spirit with quality that you can taste.  
Light Rum
Vanilla Bean Rum
Our Vanilla Bean Rum is a smooth light rum with a beautiful vanilla finish.  After we collect the hearts portion of a distillation run we proof the rum close to the label proof and age in a used French Oak wine barrel filled with madagascar vanilla beans.  
Seasonal item: Call Ahead